Ras Al-Hamra LLC (RAH), a 100% Omani Owned company was established in the year 1996 as a civil construction Company in the sultanate of Oman. Our objective is being able to serve beyond our client’s expectation, providing a high quality of services, executed in a professional manner. This approach has contributed to the sustained growth of RAH. Our Strategies and structure is based on clear business principles, Mission, Vision and Values that ensure success with compliance and transparency. The Board and the Management are committed to the following:

Produce, Market and deliver quality services

Develop our Business and our employees to their full potential

Trusted partner in Sultanate of Oman

RAH is the Principal Investment company and is headquartered in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, comprising over 5 independent Operating companies. Each Companies are operating independently under the guidance and supervision of its own Board and Management. RAH Group’s Success path over the years is described as follows:

  • In 1997, the management team refocused the business activity to support the oil & gas sector in Sultanate of Oman. The company has developed a down hole corrosion service for PDO. RAH in association with American Corrosion company has protected more than 2300 oil wells by providing pulse rectifiers and all required corrosion services.
  • In the year 2002, the group stepped into the Engineering Services to serve Oil & Gas Companies in Sultanate of Oman and for that incorporated a specialist Engineering Consulting Company. The average turnover of the Engineering Consulting Company and its JV Companies are over US$ 200 Million per annum (for the last 4 years) and collectively with over 150 employees.