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RAH can provide you with all your drilling support service requirements to reduce your environmental footprint and drive up your profits

Closed Loop Fluid Mangement

Cubility Middle East

The Challenge :

Hundreds of millions of dollars of drilling fluid are lost every year as ‘mud on cuttings’ in shale shakers. This represents a chronic value erosion problem to the industry. One that cannot be solved using traditional thinking.

The Solution :

MudCube is playing a vital role in helping operators, both onshore and offshore, reduce costs, increase drilling efficiencies and recover in the area 30-40% more mud than competing technologies.


MudCube is a modern, lightweight and more efficient alternative to traditional shale shakers that, instead of high G-force vibration, combines high airflow through a rotating filter belt with micro vibrators underneath to more effectively separate all types of drilling fluids from drilled solids.
The field-proven results of MudCube include highter drilling efficiencies, reduced operational costs, better HSE and working conditions, and effective cuttings disposal.


The power of the MudCube has been demonstrated in the field time and time again. Why are operators and drilling contractors replacing shakers with MudCubes? 

Reduced burden onrig personel

• Integrated CCTV camera for remote monitoring .
• Automated warning for damaged filter belts (screens) .
• Built-in filter belt (screens) cleaning, no need for manual high-pressure washing.
• Only 1 filter belt per MudCube, replacement time 3 minutes.

Cost reduction: 

• Reduce mud losses by 30-40%.
• Reduce drilling waste weight by 30-40%.
• Better LSG control.
• Improve mud quality.

HSE risk reduction

• No exposure to fumes, extreme vibration or excessive noise.
• Safe cuttings monitoring for geologists.

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